7 reasons why you will no longer be able to go on without Vaniglia ice cream shops cakes

Ice cream has always been what characterizes and inspires us. We love creating it, designing it and giving it shape every day, in our visible artisanal laboratories. Over the years, however, we have had the desire to experiment and give sweetness to those who choose us in other ways as well.

Precisely for this reason Enrico De Giusti, Luigi’s son, has created a line of frozen desserts and cakes that make the Vanilla experience even more pleasant and complete.

Find out the reasons why Vanilla ice cream shops have now become an indispensable classic for loyal customers.

1. With our cakes we carry on the family tradition

It all started with ice cream, you know. But what Vaniglia ice cream shops founded is a feeling of sharing good and genuine things that you can also find in our pastry proposal. Semifreddos such as the Black Salt of Cyprus, the Cellino or the Ciocco Crok offer a unique pleasure experience that will make your moments of sweetness even more special.

2. Genuine ingredients, just the way we like them

As with the ice cream, we pay the utmost attention to the selected ingredients. Those who choose the fresh cakes of Vaniglia ice cream shops choose the sweetness made with seasonal raw materials and attention to quality and experience.

We only use naturally gluten-free rice flour and sweetened with cane sugar or stevia, without using artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated vegetable fats.

3. Creativity guides us, always!

We are traditional in respect of our values, but we love to put that extra something that makes every tasted cake experience a new pleasure. Precisely for this reason, every dessert and semifreddo that comes out of our laboratories knows how to surprise in a unique way!

Vaniglia cakes - Exotic Meringue

Like the exotic Meringue which consists of a soft Italian meringue covered with crunchy small meringues, with a heart of raspberry and mango smoothie. A mix you don’t always find on the counter of a pastry shop, right?

4. Attention to detail: you start eating with your eyes

What’s the saying? Even the eye wants its part! We knead, mix and bake balanced cakes and frozen desserts, creating surprising combinations, but we don’t stop there. We also creatively design the aesthetic aspect: colors and decoration are part of the experience when you choose a Vaniglia ice cream shop’s product.

And what’s more, when you bring a cake like this to a dinner party, you can only make a good impression, right?

5. Artisanship, always and in any case

When you arrive in a pastry shop you can admire the creations on display and enjoy that view, already savoring your next cake with your eyes. And if it seems simple, in fact it is not when it comes to handcrafted creations.

Without the use of additives, artificial sweeteners or hydrogenated fats, typical ingredients of industrial production, the steps to create these pastry delights lengthen, just as the technical ability to obtain a good result increases.

We are very happy to continue and strengthen our artisan tradition also with the line of cakes and frozen desserts. Each cake contains our decennial experience!

6. Wellness and healthy pleasure without giving up sweets

As with ice cream, we are also attentive to the well-being of those who choose us in the pastry line. We also know that children often love to snack on sweets, but we hold the balance necessary for growth in high consideration. In short, we don’t produce anything that we wouldn’t happily give to our children as well. And this approach is also confirmed in our pastry proposal.

Vaniglia Ice Cream Shops Cakes

7. Sharing a pleasure

We create cakes for the most special moments, to share with loved ones. Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Halloween, Christmas… and even cakes to order, to celebrate goals and achievements. We don’t put creative limits on what we can achieve! Did you know that to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Le Brentelle shopping center, we created a cake for 1,700 portions?

And do you know why we love doing all of this? Because Vaniglia ice cream shop is above all about sharing pleasure!