About us

About us

We produce ice cream with passion and love since 1966

The story of Vanilla is also the story of our family. We have come a long way since our father, Luigi De Giusti, left for Germany, bringing with him just a few things and one certainty: knowing how to make good ice cream.

And this is how he worked across the Alps for many years, but with a dream: to be able to open his ice cream shops in Italy as well.

From 1966 up until today, Vaniglia ice cream shops have been one of the most flourishing examples of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit in the Veneto region. We are getting closer to 60 years old and, in recent years, we have achieved many goals, including opening 14 points of sale in the provinces of Vicenza, Padua, Verona, Venice, Brescia and Alessandria.

This was the van with which our father in Germany in the 60s went from town to town to sell ice cream. It was enough to ring the bell and all the children ran quickly to taste an all-Italian excellence.

Our commitment

Our commitment in giving you the best products has always gone through some principles which are the cornerstone of the vanilla ice cream shop’s world:

Attention to the well-being of our customers through the utmost care in the choice of ingredients

Promotion of the culture of eating well, with a healthy and conscious lifestyle, with products with a very low calorie intake

Respect for the environment and nature, using cups, cone covers and shoppers in FSC paper, that is with cellulose from responsibly managed forests.

Protection of our work culture, for which union and feeling part of a large family, that of Vaniglia ice cream shops, are at the center.

At Vaniglia ice cream shops we only make genuine products, the ones we would give to our children, because thinking about children means thinking about the future and this is our commitment to a better world. Thanks to our team, made up of 85% women, we always guarantee the highest quality to those who choose us.

Vaniglia experience

Our creations are not just delicacies to taste; they are moments of pleasure to be shared, which come from the experience of the De Giusti family. From Luigi to his sons, everyone has specialized in different areas of pastry, without ever betraying the desire to share the genuineness of homemade ice cream.

The De Giusti family’s love for good things is mirrored in the journey of flavors that is now Vaniglia ice cream shops, flavors that each represent the desire to be together, in harmony, and share a moment of authentic pleasure.