Guide to homemade ice cream: 5 ways to recognize the real one

The ice cream season has just begun: how much do you want to taste a real homemade ice cream, made with fresh ingredients and low sugar? It’s not always easy to find your way around the many ice cream shops and figure out which ones really produce artisanal ice cream worthy of this label. We’ll take care of helping you out: read our guide to artisan gelato and discover 5 ways to recognize the real one.

Trust your eyesight

Already at a first glance you can understand if the ice cream in front of you is artisanal. If it has bright and lively colors, perhaps it is not entirely handmade. In fact, to be good, ice cream must have the color of the raw material of the taste. Pistachio can never be bright green.

In general, homemade ice cream has less intense, almost pastel colors.

Sweet yes, but not too much!

Ice cream is part of desserts and therefore it is right that it delights us with a sweeping sweetness. But it must not be excessive: the sugary taste must not cover that of the ice cream, it must accompany it.

This is also a technical point: sugar is an antifreeze and therefore essential for the success of the ice cream. If you overdo it, the ice cream will become too soft. Conversely, if the sugar is not enough, the ice cream will be too frozen!

guide to homemade ice cream

A real moment of pleasure

When made with natural ingredients, the taste of homemade ice cream shouldn’t persist in the mouth. You are not enjoying a cheese, but a fresh dessert, where the flavor gives an experience of lightness and freshness! After all, that’s why we like it so much.

The mountains of ice cream on display are beautiful, but not artisanal

The beauty of homemade ice cream is that it doesn’t stay frozen: you can enjoy it right away, you don’t have to wait for it to melt a bit, on the contrary! Don’t be upset if the ice cream you just chose melts quickly: it means that the product is, most likely, artisanal.

Precisely for this reason, the tubs on display are not filled beyond the edge: the ice cream would melt immediately! Only the one treated with chemical ingredients does not melt. So be wary of the mountains of ice cream on display, they’re just for show.

The homemade ice cream is pleasantly fresh and creamy

One of the reasons why ice cream is so loved is its texture: a unique, fresh and sweeping creaminess! Artisan ice cream, in fact, does not remain hard or with ice crystals. So remember: creaminess is everything!

The artisan ice cream of Vaniglia ice cream shops

In all Vaniglia Ice cream shops you will find only homemade ice cream, produced daily in open laboratories. The three flavor lines we offer are made only with quality ingredients, cane sugar or stevia, and are gluten-free.

Now that you’ve read our guide to artisanal gelato, you have all the tools to recognize it and choose only the best. We are waiting for you at the ice cream shop!

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