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The pastry

For your parties choose Vaniglia

For some time now we have been putting all our expertise into the creation of a pastry line made with the same care and attention as our ice cream.
Fresh cakes and semifreddi to bring to the table every day or for a special occasion.

In special moments #ShareAPleasure, that of our pastry shop.
Upon reservations we make cakes for private or corporate parties.

Call the store closest to you and book the cake you prefer!


We also use cane sugar and stevia in our recipes

We are committed to lowering the glycemic intake more and more and guaranteeing delicious and artisanal products without being harmful to our health thanks to the use of natural sweeteners.

Our cakes

Strawberry Tiramisù

Traditional mascarpone cream with sponge cake and strawberry jelly garnished with bitter cocoa and cream tufts.

Hearth of the Wood

Delicate yogurt semifreddo with wild berry and blueberry jelly


Semifreddo with coffee sponge cake and traditional mascarpone cream, garnished with bitter cocoa and cream tufts.


Soft chocolate and raspberry Bavarian cream with a veil of crunchy chocolate and cocoa beans on a chocolate biscuit. Decorated with raspberries and chocolate curls.

Crock Chocolate

Semifreddo with mascarpone cream and crunchy cookies, on a cocoa sponge base decorated with soft and crunchy chocolate.

Cyprus black salt

Soft Bavarian cream with milk chocolate and mascarpone cream, with a soft heart of toffee caramel with Cyprus black salt on a cocoa biscuit.

Exotic meringue

Soft Italian meringue covered with crunchy meringues with a heart of raspberry and mango smoothie.

NY Cheesecake

Cream cheese
semifreddo with passion fruit jelly and a crunchy biscuit base

Cremino 1911

Soft hazelnut Bavarian cream with crunchy gianduia heart on a chocolate biscuit, wrapped in hazelnut icing

Bavarian Checkers

Soft chocolate and vanilla Bavarian, on a cocoa biscuit with a veil of chocolate and cocoa beans. Covered in creamy chocolate.

Chocolate Trio

Bavarian cream with three chocolates: dark, milk and white divided by a crunchy chocolate, on a cocoa sponge cake.

Passion cake

Vanilla and pistachio Bavarian cream with a heart of mango
and passion fruit jelly on a rice flour crumble