Well-being according to Vaniglia ice cream

Fruit smoothies of Vaniglia ice cream shops

The word itself says it all: smooth means light. Vanilla smoothies are fresh fruit drinks to be enjoyed while walking at any time of day, with very few calories.

They are perfect for those looking for a light snack, rich in vitamins with all the taste of fruit. They are also suitable for celiacs and lactose intolerant.

Don’t mistake them for a milkshake, as no milk or yogurt is added.
Do not mistake them for an extract, because in this case the frozen fruit and vegetables are chopped to be served by the glass in a creamy drink.

Fill up on health with orange and pomegranate juices

Our seasonal juices are a must for those on the hunt for vitamins and antioxidants. Orange and pomegranate are in fact two of the healthiest fruits you can try. We cold-press the fruits at the moment to keep all their multiple nutritional characteristics unaltered.

You can find our juices only when the fruit is in season: that’s why they are so good!


Centrifuges and extracts

It’s easy to get confused between centrifuges and extracts. In both cases, the fruit and vegetable juice is extracted in order to serve you a liquid drink rich in vitamins and nutrients.

When we talk about centrifuge we refer to the juice in which fruit and vegetables are chopped, to pour solely the juice into the glass.

In the extracts, on the other hand, the squeezing takes place cold and at low speed, not causing the fruit and vegetables to oxidize; in this way all the nutritional values, vitamins, mineral salts, color and flavor remain unchanged. In a glass of extract there is almost 1 kg of fruit and vegetables.