Frozen Yogurt & Yogurt

A creamy pleasure low in fat and rich in lactic ferments

Ice cream is in our DNA, but we want to offer excellent alternatives to those looking for a fresh, healthy and light snack. For this reason, yogurt has entered our counters by right.

There are those who love it naturally and those who enrich it with many delicious ingredients: dried fruit, sprinkles, colored sugared almonds or fresh fruit salads.

Lunch with us

Yogurt is part of the dairy products, as it derives from the fermentation of milk, but unlike the latter it is much more digestible and is particularly suitable for those who need a diet rich in calcium. Not only that, thanks to its low lactose content, which reaches only 3%, it can also be consumed by people intolerant or allergic to milk.

Why not also consume it as a light, healthy and substantial meal with the addition of fresh or dried fruit, colored sugared almonds, and chocolate drops? Compose it as you prefer, based on your mood, and restart full of energy!