Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Real artisan gelato created fresh every day

For us, enjoying one of our ice creams means sharing a pleasure made with fresh ingredients and made with recipes that respect artisanship.

The pleasure of Vanilla is for all palates, even the most demanding ones. This is why we have created three lines of flavors ranging from the great classics to the most sought-after seasonal recipes, moving to the more delicate ones suitable for those who follow a specific diet.

We also use cane sugar and stevia in our recipes

We are committed to lowering the glycemic intake more and more and guaranteeing delicious and artisanal products without being harmful to our health thanks to the use of natural sweeteners.


The author

Enrico De Giusti

It’s Enrico De Giusti who never loses the desire and inspiration to always give you new experiences with our artisan ice creams.

Classic flavors

For the nostalgic, the classic flavors of tradition cannot miss, those that our parents savored and made with the same care and the healthy and genuine ingredients of the past.


Velvety and mellow, the king of flavors is prepared with all our experience by selecting only the best cocoa from Ecuador.

Salted caramel

The classic dessert to bring to the table with a vanilla flavor is wrapped in a delicious variegation of caramelized sugar

Fiordilatte world oscar 2013

Excellence is hidden in simplicity! Fiordilatte is the flagship of Vaniglia ice cream shops which won the World Oscar for Artisanal Gelato in 2013.

Organic licorice

Loved by true ice cream purists, it is prepared only with organic licorice to keep its essence intact. It is an excellent digestive at the end of each meal.

Rum raisin

Cream flavor ice cream enriched with soft sultanas and enhanced by a scented touch of Jamaican rum. A pleasure for the palate of the greatest!

Piedmont hazelnut

The best hazelnuts from Piedmont, selected one by one, give the ice cream a pale color, but with a defined taste, further emphasized by a cascade of crunchy grains.


Nutella, the forbidden fruit of all sweet tooths! The perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnut in a rich and creamy ice cream with an unmistakable scent that awakens the taste buds.

Sicilian pistachio

Sweet and a little salty as only Sicilian pistachios from Bronte can be, it is a classic timeless taste of the ice cream shop, a joy for the palate.

Super Kiss

The encounter between flavorsome chocolate and toasted Piedmont hazelnuts gives life to the most romantic, long-lived and envied love story ever.

Variegated cherry

The scented black cherries with a slightly acidic aftertaste, well blended with the classic fiordilatte flavor, give life to an ice cream that makes you think of summer with every bite.

Chocolate chip

The candid cream is covered with flakes of dark chocolate, thick and irregular, which at first bite fully release the cocoa aroma in the mouth and spread the sound of broken chocolate. A “crack” that melts the heart!

Vanilla 1966

Timeless and ageless, like the simple ingredients that make it up. Eggs, milk and Bourbon Vanilla berries from Madagascar, which awaken an extraordinary floral and slightly smoky scent in the mouth.

Natural yogurt

Light, fresh and candid, prepared only with fresh milk and low-fat yogurt. Its pleasant acidity makes it exquisite on its own and even richer combined with any other flavor.

Author flavors

For the most demanding and refined palates, we have dedicated a line of constantly changing flavors, with seasonal ingredients, where the creative flair of Vanilla master ice cream makers is best expressed, to give unexpected encounters of flavors

Variegated raspberry cheesecake

Delicate variegated fiordilatte with delicious shortcrust pastry and natural berry jam. A pleasure which is even more enhanced by the softness of Philadelphia cheese!

Little concert

A delicious variant of the classic cream ice cream with the addition of chopped amaretti cookies, black cherries and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Cremino 1911

Hazelnut and gianduia, layer after layer, become more and more creamy and tasty, in this flavor with more than 100 years of history. Time passes but its goodness is always the same.

Crunch of hazelnuts

Fresh panna cotta ice cream, combined with the dense sweetness of the toffee and the granularity of the hazelnuts, roasted for a long time to give an even deeper flavor to the ice cream.


An ice cream that has the warm colors of the Caribbean island, where the chocolate is flavored with rum and is sweetened by a tropical mango jam.

Fig flower

Every September we transform the tenderest figs from Puglia into a creamy ice cream with a sweet taste and a heady aroma. To be savored as a special dessert in company!

Black Forest

Velvety, intense and mellow. A perfect combination of cocoa, rum, crunchy grains and whole black cherries, all covered with a pour of dark chocolate.


When the freshness of coconut and the delicacy of white chocolate come together, an ice cream is born that makes the most refined palates go crazy with joy!

Sacher Apricot

Inspired by the traditional Viennese cake, with chocolate sponge cake, apricot jam and soft dark chocolate coating. Perfect with a tuft of whipped cream!

Free to eat

For those suffering from food intolerances or following a low-calorie diet, we have dedicated a line of flavors without lactose and derivatives, gluten-free and egg-free, but none the less tasty.


The tender apricots, picked as soon as they are ripe, make this gelato delicate in flavor and pale in color, giving it a sweet and fruity note!


The summer tastes for excellence, refreshing, fresh and sugary. It is able to cheer up the hottest and sultry days.

Costa Rica Pineapples

The most loved tropical fruit due to its juicy and slightly spicy taste. With each teaspoon, all the scent of the tropics is released on the palate!


The sweet and strong taste of the orange is perceived even more thanks to the pieces of grated peel, which create a nice contrast with the velvety texture of the ice cream.


The excellent and creamy delicacy and the unmistakable intense color of the banana make it a healthy and appetizing snack, perfect for satisfying hunger!


The best selection of Italian persimmons allows you to create a delicious and impalpable ice cream. A delicate cuddle to enjoy on gray autumn days!

Dark Chocolate

Without tricks or deceit, prepared only with water, cane sugar and fine cocoa. It’s so punchy that even chocolate purists will be blown away!


Only with the best fresh strawberries an ice cream capable of giving strong emotions is born. That’s why kids love it!


A well-balanced combination of raspberries, blueberries, currants and blackberries that with its irresistible scent sweeps at first taste!


The acidulous and at the same time sweet notes of freshly picked raspberries give the palate a sense of priceless freshness. An ice cream particularly loved by women.


The juiciest Sicilian lemons are gently squeezed to keep their taste intact and authentic. A refreshing dessert that helps digestion!

Fruit salad

A taste that embodies all the best fruit, in a triumph of fragrances and flavors.

Late mandarin of Ciaculli

Creamy ice cream with a soft color and an intense and lively taste, it is capable of enchanting all lovers of this autumnal fruit from the ancient Sicilian village of Ciaculli.


An exotic and mellow taste with the wonderful color of the sun: it only takes one taste to feel catapulted into a paradise island.

Apple and CInnamon

A tribute to the famous Strudel, where the juiciness of the apples and the aroma of cinnamon blend together to create a spiced ice cream, to be savored slowly in front of the fireplace!


All the genuineness of Claut apples, enclosed in an ice cream with a strong taste and unmistakable aroma. Ideal for those who want to keep fit, but without giving up dessert.


Those who love simplicity will appreciate this flavor made only with water, brown sugar and the pulp of ripe melons. The prince of summer, the most hydrating and refreshing.


An excellent sorbet with a purplish color, typical of fresh wild blackberries, and with an even more incisive taste thanks to the use of the seeds.

Light Hazelnut

A light version of the classic hazelnut flavor, captivating as only this fruit can be, but with a low calorie content.

Passion Fruit

Fragrant, very sweet but with a sour note typical of tropical fruits, it is a true cocktail of vitamins capable of conquering even the most wary!

Passion Red

Fanciful and innovative, a taste made with the best selection of red, sweet and refreshing fruits, but also precious allies for health and beauty.

Pear and Ginger

An unusual encounter between sweet pears and the spicy aroma of ginger. An unusual ice cream, very refreshing, ideal for those who love contrasts.


From the careful selection of the juiciest pears comes a taste that has nothing to envy to the more elaborate creams. Perfect paired with dark chocolate.


A sweet, fragrant and summery ice cream made with the ripest peaches, harvested every day. True pleasures are hidden in simplicity!

Light Pistachio

The classic Italian ice cream revisited in a light key, made only with pistachio, water and cane sugar.

Pink Grapefruit

The soft and delicate pink color contrasts with its bitter and tart taste, a distinctive trait of grapefruit. A truly beneficial and refreshing elixir of life!


A sour and sweet berry at the same time, in a concentrate with a wild flavor and a very vivid purple color. An ice cream for those who love innovative flavors.

Pumpkin and Amaretto

All the consistency and sweetness of the pumpkin blend perfectly with the crunchiness of the amaretto, a perfect taste to be savored on mild autumn days.