Vaniglia ice cream shops, the story of a family and its homemade ice cream

The story of Vaniglia ice cream shops is intertwined with that of a family, a territory and a genuine dream, and today we want to tell you about it. It was 1966 when Luigi De Giusti opened his first ice cream shop. He certainly didn’t know that in sixty years Vaniglia ice cream shops would become a point of reference, in the Veneto and surroundings, for all ice cream and sweetness lovers, the one with an authentic and traditional flavor, made of artisanship and research of raw materials.

How it all began, between tradition and emigration to Germany

Vaniglia ice cream shops are a journey that began almost sixty years ago to rediscover the values of the past. However, Luigi’s love for ice cream and his dream began before 1966, when he left for Germany with only one certainty: knowing how to make good ice cream.

He started from a small town in Friuli, Claut, on the border with Veneto, near Cadore and Val di Zoldo, an area that has always had a great tradition of artisan ice cream. In fact, about 80% of the inhabitants emigrated to the United States and Germany, exporting their artisanship as ice cream makers.

The tradition of ice cream has its roots in the nineteenth century and always tells of the emigration and export of the product. In 1820, the first Venetian ice cream shop abroad opened its doors in Austria. Another example of excellence in the ice cream sector is the ice cream cone. It was patented in New York in 1903 by a Venetian ice cream maker, Italo Marchioni, from Peaio, a hamlet of Vodo di Cadore (BL).

Among the mountains of Veneto and Friuli, ice cream has become an excellence over time thanks to the territory. The main ingredients of this delicacy are in fact milk and eggs, two easily available raw materials of the highest quality in this area.

Vaniglia Ice Cream Shops History

And it is all this baggage that Luigi De Giusti brought with him when he decided to go to Germany to make his idea of homemade ice cream widely known. In the 1960s he traveled around the country in a van to sell ice cream: it was enough for him to ring the bell and all the children ran quickly to taste his creations.

We grew up without ever betraying our origins

After 30 years in Germany, Luigi De Giusti returns home and opens the first Vaniglia ice cream shops. He chose the Palladio Shopping Center in Vicenza because, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and experience, he had sensed the potential of the shopping center.

Since then, our proposal has been based on the idea of an authentic and natural artisan ice cream, with carefully selected raw materials in their territories of origin.

The production in the artisan workshops is based on three principles from which we never deviate to always guarantee the best.

  • Attention to the well-being of our customers through the utmost care in the choice of ingredients
  • Promotion of the culture of eating well, with a healthy and conscious lifestyle, with products with a very low calorie intake
  • Respect for the environment and nature, using cups, cone covers and shoppers in FSC paper, that is with cellulose from responsibly managed forests.

In these sixty years we have opened 14 Vanilla points, between Veneto, Lombardy and Piedmont, without betraying our founding values. We have grown, but we have not lost that feeling that prompted Luigi De Giusti to go around Germany to offer his ice cream. Enrico and Angela De Giusti, together with their brothers, all heirs of Luigi’s great skills, have in fact carried on the family tradition by expanding the proposal with a refined selection of pastry products, such as cakes and frozen desserts, macarons, chocolates, crepes or yogurt .

When you enter Vaniglia #ShareAPleasure

Today, Vaniglia ice cream shops are much more than just ice cream. Each new store opening has led us to broaden our horizons. The colors of the ice creams, the scent of chocolate, the beauty of cakes and frozen desserts, the freshness of the yogurt or frozen yogurt, to be enriched with fruit or delicious toppings, fruit to be transformed into juices or smoothies, depending on the season, welcome every day who chooses us.

Choosing Vaniglia ice cream shops means choosing a moment to share with others and in which to be amazed by the authentic flavors of the past. Just like the children when they ran to Luigi’s to taste his ice cream. Vaniglia ice cream shops is the story of a family in harmony devoted to sharing authentic and artisanal pleasure.


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