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There is always a Vaniglia ice cream shop close to you

When the founder of Vaniglia ice cream shops, Luigi De Giusti, as a young man, went to Germany with the desire to make his artisanal gelato known, he did it with a traveling van. This choice allowed him to share his passion and his creations with many people! This same motivation prompted his children, Enrico

Vaniglia ice cream shops, the story of a family and its homemade ice cream

The story of Vaniglia ice cream shops is intertwined with that of a family, a territory and a genuine dream, and today we want to tell you about it. It was 1966 when Luigi De Giusti opened his first ice cream shop. He certainly didn’t know that in sixty years Vaniglia ice cream shops would

A new website for Vaniglia ice cream shops and a new virtual space for #ShareAPleasure

Remember when you were a kid and your grandmother tipped you for ice cream? How nice was it to enjoy such an exceptional moment of gluttony, perhaps with some friends? There were those who loved trying new flavors and those who enjoyed the classic ones. Do you remember the ice cream breaks on the beach,